Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Ab Workouts Are NOT The Answer To Six Pack Abs


Truth About Ab Workouts

What’s the typical fitness goal for people now? That’s right, everyone is trying hard to get a flat tummy and maybe even washboard abs for their midsection. Too bad, most of them are no where near achieving this goal even after trying for years!

Many of them spend loads of time on useless ab workouts, persuaded by every new abs product that’s advertised on TV, promising six pack abs if you just do few mins in a day while relaxing on their sofa. Frankly speaking, it’s very disheartening to see so many people waste so much of their precious money on all these ab machines, devices and fat loss pills that just can’t deliver any results.

So what’s really the problem? The real problem is, people are taking the wrong step to make this goal work. Truth is, ab workouts are NOT the solution to achieving a six-pack! Sounds odd right? Believe it or not, ab-focused exercises are NOT the most vital training factor in having a six-pack.

stop ab workouts

That doesn’t mean you should give up on ab-focused exercises. The point is, most people spend TOO MUCH time on ab-focused workouts, when they should really work on more useful all-round body workouts that activates your body to burn more fat and hormonal response to muscle building, reduce more calories, speed up the metabolism rate, as well as indirectly exercise the abs to a reasonable extent.


How much time do people usually waste on ab-focused exercises?

On average, a normal person spend 15 to 30 mins of their entire workout on lots of useless reps of leg raises, crunches, sit-ups and other “ab pumping” exercises. That’s about HALF of their total workout time.

If you get the idea by now, overly obsessed with ab workouts are not worth the effort just training a rather small section of your muscle group when that time should be better off invested in full-body workouts like clean and presses, squats, dead-lifts, lunges, dumbbell swings, upper body presses and so forth. When compared to just doing ab workouts only, the exercises mentioned can give you way better results in the sense of increased metabolism rate, hormonal reaction, burning calories and so on, all which happen while indirectly exercising the abs. These types of effective full body workouts should be make up the majority of your workout plan before you spend 5 to 7 minutes on exercising your abs directly. The point is, ab workouts should be a small part of your overall workout plan, not the majority.

The moment you have a good amount of ab workout going on, crunches become the least helpful for strengthening your abdominal as they are quite a low resistance workout. Hanging leg raise with proper pelvic curl up is a much higher resistance ab workouts.

So here’s the truth, the secret of seeing a visible six-pack abs is basically getting rid of the excess fat until the abs become noticeable. Did you know that you already have a six pack underneath that layer of belly fat but just don’t know it?  Therefore, the most crucial component of getting visible abs is really a thoroughly developed all-round body workout program with a great food intake that is sustainable in our daily lives, rather than just some short term diet.


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