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Fat Burning Workouts


Fat Burning Workouts To Get Rid of Those Flabby Stomach Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

Every weight gain nightmare starts from our belly, while weight loss success also starts from there. Put away the scales, watch your waistline and make sure your abdomen loses weight!

Do you weigh your body everyday or measure your waist length every week?

Have you had  this experience? Let me give you the scenario. At first, there were no changes to your weight but gradually, your waist length increased by an inch. At that point, what did you choose to believe? Did you trust the scales or the measure tape? If you believe the scales, you get self-comfort, thinking that you didn’t gain weight; If you trust the tape, it alerts you that you’re gaining weight and you end up wanting to lose weight! While you might have been living with obesity for years, fat has always covered your body so you should believe the tape!

Fat Burning Workouts - Weight loss measure tape

Fat Burning Workouts - Weight Loss Scale

Should we trust the measure tape or scales?

The scientific side of “fat people gain belly fat first”

In a real fight, we should always attack the enemy’s soft spot or weak point first. Same thing applies to weight loss, it should start from there. Just try and feel your soft abdomen, that’s your first target in weight loss.

The fat in our body consist of three categories:

  • blood fats (triglycerides)
  • subcutaneous fat (close to the skin)
  • omentum fat (located inside the abdominal cavity, below the stomach muscles)

Our increasing waistline and belly bulge comes from omentum fat. Omentum fat is closest to the stomach and other organs. Due to its close proximity, the excess fat is supplied to the omentum fat. A growing omentum fat not only makes our body go out of shape but also squeezes the stomach, lungs, heart and other organs, which affects our health. That is why health professionals have often advised us to better manage our middle section. The good news is, once we start to lose weight, omentum fat gets affected first because that is the first type of fat that is reduced in our body.

If omentum fat reduces, our physical health will improve and we will slowly gain a toned body. Aerobic exercise and sit-ups are a very effective combination to get rid of omentum fat.

Sit-ups and aerobic exercise

Some believe that sit-ups can’t help to lose abdominal fat, a commonly debated topic. The positive view is, sit-ups can exercise your abdominal muscles so it can produce a sexy stomach. On the negative side, some think that in order to lose weight, you need to do fat burning workouts for at least 20 minutes, so doing dozens of sit ups in just one minute can’t help us lose abdominal fat. So why not have the best of both?

The correct approach to fat burning workouts: sit-ups + aerobic exercise

The main role of sit-ups is to strengthen the abdominal muscle strength, increase flexibility of the abdominal muscles and at the same time protect your back and improve posture. Aerobic exercise is one of the best fat burning workouts that burns lots of calories and reduces fat. You can also try exercises that focus on the middle section. Some fat burning workouts ideas are:

Table Tennis: the racket swing motion is driven by the waist and abdominal muscles , every 30 minutes burns away 192 calories.

Yoga: yoga postures help shape your back and abdominal muscles, every 30 minutes consumes 200 calories.

Taekwondo: Taekwondo kicks will help you shed waist and abdominal fat , every 30 minutes means 312 calories less.




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