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Flat Belly Diet Tips


What foods should be part of a flat belly diet?

How to get rid of excess belly fat? The solution is to lose weight and the best way to reduce belly fat is to follow a healthy meal plan. We will take a look at what foods we should take in a flat belly diet.

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Eat orange fruits and vegetables

Besides having cellulose that can give you a feeling of fullness (which is also rich in vitamin C and ß-carotene), it can also help prevent abdominal fat from accumulating. Squash, carrots and peaches can give a large amount of ß-carotene while citrus, cherries and kiwi fruit are rich in vitamin.


Get plenty of selenium

Selenium not only helps our body fight cancer, but also reduce the chances of abdominal obesity. Many foods contain selenium, but it is difficult to know whether they can provide the recommended amount of 55 mg / day. Therefore, make a habit of taking supplements and eat a variety of different foods.


Eat more fish and eggs

A survey done by Copenhagen University Hospital shows that eating more fish and eggs and other high-quality protein make you feel full, increase your energy, help weight loss and can also reduce abdominal fat especially for people over the age of 40.


Eat the right fat

Spain has done a research with shows that taking olive oil, flax seed oil, walnut oil, fish and tofu makes it easier for us to get a slim body. Corn oil and grilled foods contain O-6 fatty acids which can cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen. Trans fat acids also increase abdominal fat so stay away from them.

Also, try not to eat cold food. Cold food are bad as they reduce the temperature in your abdominal which cause the brain to order the body to transport large numbers of nutrients to the lower abdomen to raise the temperature. As time passes, this will result in fat accumulation in the abdomen.


Drink lots of water

Water is sometimes forgotten in a flat belly diet. It is very important for staying healthy and burning fat as water can metabolize your fat while getting rid of toxins and excess fat from your body. Furthermore, it can deter constipation and bloating problems plus suppress your desire for food.

Believe it or not, most people think they had enough water so they aren’t properly hydrated throughout the day. To stay healthy, try to drink half your weight in ounces of water per day. Lets say you weigh 300 pounds, that means you need at least 150 ounces of water daily.


A flat belly diet is incomplete without exercise

When you start your flat belly diet, you’ll start to automatically  lessen your calorie consumption and begin to lose weight. If you don’t add exercises into your plan, your metabolism will go down which results in a weaker fat burning ability.

Honestly, you can’t just reduce fat in exact places on your body. Ab workouts like sit-ups and crunches can only help to time your muscles.  So the best way to get a flat belly is to burn fat off.  Failure to do this means any muscles you build up through ab exercise will only be hiding underneath those flab.

combining a proper belly fat diet and thirty-sixty mins of moderate or even intense cardiovascular activity can greatly help to burn the fat in your belly. For people who haven’t been exercising much, start with 5-10 mins exercises and then increase intensity as you adapt to it.

Weight loss does not happen overnight even if you have the best flat belly diet, so don’t attempt everything at the same time. Start by drinking more water, eat more vegetables and do exercises 3 times in a week. Once you’re ready, move on to the next thing. Every small step leads to your goal.

Don’t procrastinate, act now to get that flat, firm belly you want.  Follow a trusted diet program that shows you the best flat belly diet.

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