Sunday, October 24th, 2021

Four Ab Workout Myths


Myth 1: sit-up is the best ab workout

Reality: You get shoulder and back pain but no change to stomach fat.
Even though sit-up is the most commonly known ab workout, it failed to be among the list of the most effective abdominal exercises by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). The reason is simple, when doing sit-ups we often slip out of form. Usually, the back and shoulders put in tonnes of effort but the abdomen doesn’t get the benefit it needs. ACE has done a comprehensive research on the 13 types of ab workout out there and found the following ab workouts most effective:

  • Bicycle Exercise
  • Captain’s Chair Leg Raise
  • Exercise Ball Crunch

Improved version of sit-ups: if you want to get better results with sit-ups, try to make the following change – only 10 times per minute, when your body is 45 degree angle from the ground, pause for 5 seconds. This method is much more effective than doing 60 sit-ups in 1 minute!


Myth 2: You need to do ab workout every day to get tight abs

Reality: Body fat reacts negatively.
The development of abdominal muscles and other muscles in our body are exactly the same, it needs some time to form. Due to the large amount of exercise, the muscle tissues will change, but won’t be fully formed as it usually takes more than 48 hours to complete a muscle reconstruction process. Daily abdominal exercises can promote fat burning, but if you do not allow time for the formation of abdominal muscles, once you cool down from workouts, the body fat will launch a “counterattack” and that would mean your previous efforts will go to waste.
The proper exercise frequency:  3 times in 1 week.


Myth 3: Doing high-intensity exercise will double the results

Reality: This often leaves you breathless.
Doing 100 reps does not mean you’re getting one time better results than 50 reps. Fitness can’t simply be achieved by sheer numbers, we should pay attention to the quality. The captain chairs training machine for example, many people do dozens of continuous reps until they are forced to stop after sweating a lot and go out of breath. Experienced fitness experts think that a good ab workout routine needs to be done in the correct position with sufficient amount of rest. The best is to have 15 reps in 1 set of exercise, 2 or 3 sets each time.
How to improve: Add more changes to your exercise, such as tying small sandbags to your legs, to get better results.


Myth 4: Ab workout and waist workout are the same thing

Reality: You might get a slimmer waist but end up with a fat belly.
Many people confuse ab workout with waist workout, thinking that one workout can get you thin waist and sexy abs. But usually,  if you can get a slim waist, you still have a fat belly. This is because it is easier to lose fat that’s being accumulated in your waist. With a proper diet that reduces high-calorie food intake while maintaining exercise, you will gain a slim waistline. So after achieving a slim waist and since you have not been doing ab workout, your stomach bulge becomes more obvious. So, do not expect one type of workout to produce sexy abs and slim waist at the same time, there’s no shortcut to weight loss.
Recommendation: Perform step by step exercises, do not believe in combo workouts.

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