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Six Habits That Increase Fat


Men and women hate accumulating fat as it seriously undermines their appearances. Skinny people might be tempted to follow these methods and try to gain weight but it’s more important to promote a healthy diet for both weight gainers and weight losers.

skipping breakfastSkipping breakfast

Breakfast is very important to us, it helps drive metabolism. After eating breakfast, it accelerates the fat burning in our body for the next eight hours. If you skip this first meal, your body’s metabolism for the day will be affected, which results in bad consequences.




eating too fastEating too fast

Your stomach does not tell you whether you had enough food or not, your brain does. Unfortunately, the link between the brain and the body has a 20 minute delay. In other words, if you actually had enough food after 20 minutes, you will feel it. Eating too fast will cause over consumption because you did not give the brain a chance to tell you had enough food. So, try to eat slowly.



drinking too little waterDrinking too little water

Metabolism needs to use water to burn fat, so if you drink less water, that makes you fat too. Under normal circumstances, a person should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. In fact, weight loss doesn’t work based on how much you eat, but rather how you eat. If you can develop good eating habits, you do not need to diet or waste a lot of money to eat a bunch of diet pills.


eating big mealsEating large meals

There are just too many reasons for us to enjoy feasts. Buffets, parties, wedding dinners etc, we often force ourselves to eat in these situations. Experts believe they are some of the main cause of obesity. The more we eat at same period of time, the more we need to digest. However, the food our body can digest is limited. The excess food will either be excreted or forms fat that stores in the body.

Eating meals 5-6 times a day is very common now as this actually makes more sense. Eating more often can make the body burn more calories by 10%. Therefore, having such a diet would make weight loss easier for you.



sugar and caffeineSugar and caffeine

Excessive consumption of sugary foods will increase the body’s blood sugar levels which causes the body to produce too much insulin, and insulin have a negative impact on the metabolism of the body. This negative impact will be reflected in the increasing fat stored in the body and the difficulty to burn fat.

Caffeine and sugar in the body will also increase blood sugar levels and slow down the burning of fat. So if you really want to lose weight, it’s best to stay away from sugar and coffee.



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