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Truth About Sit-Ups


The most common abdominal exercise is sit-ups, the exercise most of us are familiar with. However, this decades old exercise method is not the best way to work out your abs. Sit-ups are usually done by lying on the ground, bending knees, hands at the back of your head, lifting the entire upper body straight, elbows touching the knees. This exercise uses mainly the leg muscles, rather than the abdominal muscles; In the long run, it will lead to changes in the posture and results in lower back muscle strain; At the same time, it will cause great pressure to the lumbar; Furthermore, when the force is reduced, we will subconsciously hold our heads tightly with both hands, potentially increasing the chances of cervical spine injury, which weakens the effectiveness of abdominal training.

Sit-ups and belly fat

Men and women who are conscious about their appearances hate having the dreaded belly fat. They find various ways to reduce belly fat, including sit-ups. However, according to fitness experts, there’s no scientific reason to do sit-ups for weight loss, instead an overall diet is better solution to a smaller belly.


Abdominal muscle training will make the stomach bigger

Many young men and women who frequent the gym do physical exercises just to lose weight, especially in trying to reduce belly fat, achieve a slim body and a well-balanced figure.

Some people even have a stomach weight loss program just by doing sit-ups every day, every time divided into multiple sets, a set consisting twenty to thirty reps of sit-ups. we usually see people getting up and down doing repetitive sit-ups non-stop in the gym. Many of them sweat a lot, enduring belly pain, only to stop after reaching total exhaustion. Just doing sit-ups won’t reduce much fat and isn’t a good solution for belly fat loss. Instead, due to the increase of muscles, the stomach becomes bigger.


Weight loss needs to happen to the whole body

To lose weight, you need a holistic and systemic fat reduction approach, only relying on abdominal exercise to lose weight does not serve the purpose; You need to exercise the whole body and add abdominal exercises on top of that in order to achieve belly fat reduction.

Jogging is the best way to lose fat in your entire body. It needs to be done in moderation, too fast or too slow reduces its effectiveness.


truth-about-situpsDoing sit-ups properly

So what is the right way to do sit-ups? If you’re doing it at home, you can sit on a bed, raise the legs and put it on the bedding or railings, so the knees and hip are almost perpendicular. This will prevent the thigh and thigh muscles from using force; put your hands crossed on your chest. Once in motion, contracts your abdominal muscles, roll up your upper body, feeling the scapula (upper back) lifting off the ground and then slowly go down, shoulder blade touching the bed, immediately repeat the next action. Generally do 2-3 sets, rest about 1 minute between sets, each 15-20 times.


Don’t lift your waist from the ground when doing sit-ups

Something to take note, while doing sit-ups, the waist must not leave your bed from start till end, only the upper body goes through the “roll up” and “put down” motion. If you want to reduce the difficulty, you can put your hands on the side of the body, or move your hands straight to the front and touch your knees with your finger while doing the upper body roll. If you want to increase difficulty, you can slow down the speed of movement or increase the number of reps. The range of this exercise is not wide, but the effect is very good for abdominal exercise, which is one of the basic moves in fitness training.


Sit-ups tip for people with a lot of excess fat

For obese people, doing only abdominal strength training like sit-ups is not enough, they must do aerobic exercise and also have proper diet control in order to reduce the excess fat to show a clear line of abdominal muscles.



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