Sunday, October 24th, 2021

Two Common Misconceptions of Muscle Building


Fitness exercise is a favorite activity for most people these days, but are there some misunderstanding behind some of the methods?

The common misconception in the gym is: machine workouts and aerobics. Most people might think that machine workouts are for men and aerobic dances are for woman. It’s totally false! It’s such a deep rooted misunderstanding that more and more people believe it’s true. This is a difficult issue to fix. In reality, these two forms of exercise produce the same results. Men can do aerobic dances and still improve their cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and coordination. At the same time, women can perform machine workouts to improve their speed and other basic qualities while improving their physical body and vigor. Giving up or ignoring either one of them is clearly not the best option.

Under normal circumstances, the more you workout, the harder your muscles become. Then again, women are worried that working out on machines might produce ugly, bulky muscles, which is totally opposite of what they want.


Men who workout on machines usually produce broad chests, thick back and hard muscles. When women see this, they think the same thing might happen to them if they do those exercises. Basically, muscle building cannot be achieved overnight. When you do many repetitions using small weights, it’s even harder to build muscles, instead you would lose excess fat. The fact is, the female body produces less testosterone and more estrogen, which is quite poor for muscle growth. A reasonable time spent on equipment exercise will eventually help to shape a beautiful body.


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  1. Sweden Costner says:

    It is really cool to have a good muscle build, body fit and healthy body. Muscle building is not just for a show, but it also makes your body healthy and strong. As we all know that building muscle is not easy to accomplished, it needs good discipline. And thanks to this post, it gives me more idea about body fitness and muscle building.