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Why Abdominal Weight Training Is Important


In order to create the perfect abdominal muscles, you will have to overcome fear of doing abdominal weight training. If your goal is to develop large ab muscles, then you do not want a larger middle section on your body. After all, the best figure should have broad shoulders and a huge chest, coupled with a slim waist. This is definitely more attractive than being short and bulky. This point of view is common for those who fear their waist lines from becoming wider and often stay away from weight training for abdominal, unfortunately this isn’t the right thing to do.


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Abdominal Weight Training - free video

Abdominal muscles consist of four components – the rectus abdominis, abdominal oblique, external oblique and transverse abdominal muscles. When you do weight training, they work closely together to help you keep your torso stable. Therefore, only when they are strong enough can they do these actions. If your abdominal muscles is not strong enough to sustain considerable weight, then you can’t do tougher weight training workouts like squats, rowing and other workouts.

Weight-bearing abdominal exercises can also help you create great six pack abdominal muscles. However, this does not increase your waistline. Many people do not want to develop a bulky waist, but this figure is determined mostly by genes and diet, including the amount of fat in that area. Your waist will not become thicker because of abdominal muscle training but in order to show your six pack abs, you should do more weight exercises. Abdominal weight training is often an alternative to using your own body weight. With high repetition ab exercises it can improve muscle endurance, but plays a lesser role in building muscle strength and shape of your ab muscles. In fact, many people are over training their abdominal muscles, especially when they are training every day. The time should be spent more on resistance training.

As a replacement for your original workout routine, in the beginning stage of your training, when your muscles are very active, start with abdominal weight training. This approach allows you to cope with more challenging exercises before doing high number of repetitions of ab workouts. It can build your strength and muscle size and also train the muscle endurance and really make your muscles burn. It is best to do abdominal training and abdominal weight training on alternating days.

What does low repetition abdominal exercises mean? In reality,  compared to other parts of your body, abdominal muscle training should use light weight and high repetition training. When you do abdominal weight training, you should repeat the exercise no more than 10 times. However, don’t be afraid to do 6-8 sets of the same repetition. when you’re doing high number of reps, you may not get a very great burning sensation, but you will gain more strength and shape for your six pack.

To tone your waist, you must do fat burning exercises on treadmill and control your diet.

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